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Blackbridge Financial - Timothy M. Creech, MSFS


Blackbridge Financial, a national wealth management and advisory practice with more than 35 advisors in 10 states, was built on the premise of helping clients get from point A to point B on their financial journey. This office, under the direction of Tim Creech, understands the value of having an adaptable financial plan to help you navigate that journey, regardless of how your life circumstance changes. By utilizing enhanced technology to analyze each investment, Tim and his team develop an investment strategy customized to your needs. 

A financial advisor since the 1980s, Tim uses his decades of experience to support you through all of life’s transitions – from starting a new career and establishing a new 401k to losing a spouse and managing inherited assets. Supported by Amy Schulkin, Tim takes a technical approach to investing, researching every aspect of your portfolio and conducting probability analysis to provide advice in your best interest. He uses quarterly meetings to get to know you and your family, establishing a personal connection that allows him to better understand your needs, plans, and goals for the future and adapt your financial strategy as those change. Tim has many multi-generational clients, and he values the relationships that have been cultivated for more than 40 years.  

Tim’s mission is to help you understand all the elements of your financial strategy to help you have clarity for your future. He partners with other professionals, like estate planning attorneys and accountants, to provide the necessary resources to strive for your goals. Additional support from Independent Advisor Alliance and LPL Financial means we have access to countless investment options, no proprietary products, and multiple custodian options to deliver consistent and strategic financial advice. 

Tim wakes up each morning passionate about the role he plays in his clients’ lives and, in his words, wants to “lift clients up from where they are.” 


Award-Winning Asset Management

Award-Winning Asset Management

Our branch of Blackbridge Financial utilizes LPL's Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP). MWP won Money Management Institute/Barron's 2022 Industry Award for Wealth Management Platform of the Year. 

We're proud to partner with LPL and offer best-in-class portfolio solutions to our clients. 

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